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Always Connected, Everywhere We Offer A Rich Portfolio Of Connectors Covering A Wide Range Of Industrial Applications. Our Engineers Recognize The Basic Fact That Customers Are Increasingly Pursuing Ubiquitous Connectivity, And For This Reason Engineers Are Committed To Continuing To Expand The Industry Standard Design And Cutting-Edge Solution Lineup. Our Innovations In Power, Data, And Signal Connectors And Components Ensure That You Get The Most Out Of Your Worst-Case Environment.
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DongGuan Luotong Technology Electronic Co., Ltd.
HongKong Haichang Electronic Co.,Ltd.
Address:3floor no.7 1 alley xinxing Rd Baihao Houjie Dongguan China
Tel:+86 0769-89906188
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Rachel Cao   Cell Phone: +86 18681110032   QQ: 824320615

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Jack Lai   Cell Phone: +86 15766089037   QQ:1084270961
Email: Jack.lai@amplot.com
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